Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Months Old!

A lot has happened since our last post. It really is absolutely amazing how quickly little babies grow. I think I say that every post, but I mean it each and every post.

So, here we are at ten months old. Separation anxiety is still in full force, but it has been getting a little better. This past month has been rough with our schedule, since I started to teach summer school, and Kaiden hasn't taken well to the change -- nor have I. His nap schedule was adjusted, and because of such, naptime has been very stressful. Kaiden fights and fights and fights it, even if he is just plain exhausted and should go to sleep. In turn, I get frustrated and upset because I don't get any downtime at all during the day. It's been especially hard because my school schedule for the year isn't going to be much different, so I am worrying about that more than ever.

Anyway, aside from the napping, sleepytime has also been a struggle because Kaiden is teething, and because of the separation anxiety. He wakes up a few times a night, and, if we are lucky, maybe only once, which is fine...but it doesn't happen often. Combine the lack of sleep, the lack of downtime and the lack of "me time"...well. Yeah.

But, enough with the negative and how exhausted I am. Here are the new things Kaiden is doing!

- He cut his first two teeth (FINALLY) the second week of July.
- He can pull up to stand
- He can get to the standing position without using anything to help him
- He cruises using the furniture to help him
- He tries so hard to walk on his own, but can't figure out how to lift up his feet
- He walks using his push walker and goes EVERYWHERE
- He crawls EVERYWHERE...and fast!
- He likes to eat solid foods and shoves them all in his mouth at once (we are working on this)
- He is tired of purees.
- He dances while standing up
- He can pull up in his PNP and crib
- He gives hugs when you ask (and when he feels like it)
- He snuggles blankets and stuffed animals, like his Bunbun and blankey
- He is a complete mama's boy
- He loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- He throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way
- He sometimes waves goodbye and says "bye bye" but only when he wants to

Foods He Eats

-raspberry jam
-cottage cheese
-frozen yogurt
-apple sauce
-scrambled eggs