Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kaiden is 2!

I haven't updated in awhile, mostly because Kaiden is growing so quickly that I can't keep up. He is two now, and he manages to meet every expectation of a two year old. Strong-willed, stubborn, sweet and sassy. Love this kid.

Today, we had our first dentist appointment. Actually, it was his second one, but his first cleaning. It was hell. I knew he wasn't going to do well, so I tried to prepare myself, but no one likes to pin down their child while they scream and thrash and cry. That appointment was two hours ago, and he is still stressed out. I'm letting him sit on his couch and watch Big Block Sing Song because I feel like a horrible mommy.

Speaking of feeling horrible, yesterday, he managed to fall down half a flight of stairs from the top. I kept replaying the moment through my head, and I still do because I have no idea how he just walked away from it without any injury to himself. I thank God he didn't get hurt. He must have an angel watching over him or something. I thankfully caught him after he cartwheeled down a few steps. If I didn't get there, it'd be a whole other story.

Boy toddlers sure do know how to cause their mother's heart attacks every two seconds. He is always falling and getting scrapes or bruises. He never stops running (I am not exaggerating about this), and it's inevitable at some point he's going to take a tumble. The grandmas all stress about it, and I've learned to sit back and let it happen (within reason). There's no other way I can teach him to slow down at this point!

Learning to sit back and watch is a parent lesson within itself. It's not easy to stop hovering. I often find myself in a mental argument about whether I should help or not. More often than not, I steel myself to where I'm sitting and let him handle things on his own. He's getting better at sticking up for himself and expressing himself to others, but still tends to just let other kids walk all over him.

He's so smart, though. He knows all his letters and has known them since 17 months. He can count to 20. He's mastered puzzles, which was a big frustration for him before. He loves to sing and picks up on songs VERY quickly. He can tell the difference between a guitar and violin (haha). He has memorized books and can "read" them to you almost word-for-word.

I am so blessed to have this little guy in my life!