Sunday, October 5, 2014

One Year Old!

It has been a pretty hectic last couple of weeks, so sorry I couldn't update any faster.

My baby boy is now one year old. I started to write him a letter that I wanted to post here, but then I have yet to get the chance to finish it, so I will have to post it later. In either case, everyone is absolutely correct about the year flying by. I don't know where most of it went, but I do know that the night before Kaiden's birthday, and the night of Kaiden's birthday, I wept in my bed because my little boy is growing up.

My husband didn't understand why I was crying, and I told him, "One day, he's not going to need me like he needs me now. One day, I won't be able to hold him anymore, or let him rest his head on my shoulder." It was a little too sappy for my husband, but I think a little part of him understood. One-by-one the days are passing by, and I am enjoyed to watch my son grow up, but I am also sad that he is getting closer and closer to not needing me anymore. Thankfully, that's a long way off.

This past month has been filled with doing things to get his birthday party together. We had a photo shoot, I hired a baker, I secured catering and a pavilion at the nearby park. I juggled with some family drama that kept right up until today, the day of the party. I made some crafts for the party, I printed the pictures out, I got Kaiden's outfit together. The party was super stressful within itself, but thanks to my friends and family, we pulled it off.

I just put Kaiden to sleep, and I am sitting in the living room, absolutely exhausted, but it was well worth the stress. I loved the moment Kaiden put his whole face in his cake. Also, thank goodness for my baby carrier, because Kaiden was so upset there were so many people around, and he thought someone was going to take him from me. He only calmed down once I had him strapped in and holding his blankey.

He had his twelve month check up last week, and he lost weight (18 lbs 10 oz) and is 29 inches. Both of these are below the 20th percentile, and we have to go back in a month to get him weighed again. In the meantime, our job is to try and fatten him up some, but the doctor isn't too concerned because he is meeting and exceeding his developmental goals.

So, here are some new things Kaiden is doing:

- he signs "more" when he wants more of...anything.
- he drinks exclusively out of his sippy cup and no longer uses bottles
- he is off formula
- he is still nursing (yay!)
- he walks more than a few steps, but is still very picky about when he wants to walk
- he likes to climb
- he can point to your nose and mouth if you ask him where they are
- he has six teeth, four on the top and two on the bottom (and I think two more are coming in on the bottom)