Saturday, November 15, 2014

Breastfeeding and Postpartum AF - You Suck

I finally got my PPAF, or my first period after having Kaiden. He is 13 months old now, so it held out for a good, long while, considering that I supplemented him for some of the time, and then I night weaned him. In reality, though, I know she couldn't have been that far off, since Kaiden's feedings have dropped to 2 or 3 good nursings a day.

I was curious, though, with PCOS, when it'd come back. A little part of me was excited for her return, if only to see if my weight loss and exercising efforts will have any affect on my cycles. My husband and I do not plan on TTC again until next summer, so I am taking this time to keep losing weight and getting myself healthier. I also think I might start to take Pregnitude again to help with all the PCOS stuff.

After a visit with my GP, she told me that I should shoot for losing two pounds a month, which is more realistic with PCOS. She also wants me to start shifting to a diet that is diabetic/insulin resistant friendly. I am not diabetic or have IR, but she thinks it will help me lose weight with PCOS. I've tried this before, and I'm happy to try it again, if it helps me meet my goal. I want to try and get down to 180 lbs by the summer. It's not my overall goal, but it would make me more than happy to be back at 180 first. And, it seems reasonable to me.

A couple of non-IR friends told me I should ask to try metformin anyway to help me lose weight and regulate my cycles. I am going to ask my GP about it, and perhaps I'll go to my new OBGYN to ask them too. I am not sure how I feel about it, since my last RE said it wouldn't serve a purpose if I am not IR, but if it can't hurt to try...then maybe I should try it?

Anyway, I know some of you are here to find out what a PPAF is like. I've heard horror stories about PPAF and how much the cramps hurt, and how it never ends, and blah blah blah.

Well, I didn't have any obvious signs of her approach. I had off and on cramps throughout the two months before she showed up, and some bloating, but nothing out of the ordinary. The onset was slow. It was light the whole time, and lasted five days. Easy peasey.

Now, I've heard that the next one can be the complete opposite, so we will see.

There's your TMI post for today.