Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weaning From the Pump

This year, I was given a new work schedule. It pushed up the time I had to be in work by four hours, and it has been difficult for me and Kaiden. Our breastfeeding relationship has changed because of it, and pumping at work has been more stressful than ever. We are burning through our freezer stash FAST, and I don't pump enough to keep up with him due to the fact that we used to supplement with formula up until about two months ago. Each pumping session, I only get .5-2oz, and I only pump once at work now. I wanted to try to pump twice, but my schedule and staffing doesn't allow for it, and my state law only provides pumping accommodations for a year after Kaiden's birth. 

All of this combined has brought me to the decision to wean from my pump. This means, no more pumping at work, and when my stash depletes, then I will be introducing cow's milk or almond milk instead. This wasn't an easy choice to make for me, mostly because I am terrified of my supply bottoming out and drying up all together, ending breastfeeding all together. 

But stressing out at work about pumping isn't helping my supply either. I miss having my lunch time, not being late for my meetings, and having all my planning time to myself. So, this pump has got to go!

Right now, I am shaving time off my session. Normally, I pump for 20-25 minutes. Yesterday, I pumped for 15 and stopped because I was hardly getting anything, and it was frustrating me. Today, I am going to pump for 10-12 minutes. 

We will see how it goes. I'm nervous about it. Kaiden is already getting frustrated when he nurses, which is a sign that my supply isn't where it should be. I drank some Mother's Milk tea this morning, and I feel very full. Maybe I should wait until I get home from work to drink the tea. 


As of this past Friday, I have weaned off the pump. Friday was uncomfortable, but yesterday and today weren't as bad. I make sure to remind myself to let Kaiden nurse WHENEVER he wants to when we are home so my supply adjusts well and doesn't drop all together. Seems like we are okay so far! :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

11 Months Old

Here we are, the last month before my baby is a one year old -- a toddler. I can't believe that eleven months have flown by. Every month that passes is another month that I realize how very amazing life is.

Kaiden is still going through separation anxiety. It hasn't gotten any better, but I also don't think it's gotten to be any worse. He dislikes it when I am away from him, even if I am still in the same house, and to combat this, I've been letting him cry a little more each time, or I put him in his pack and play and encourage him to play on his own.

Since school is back in session, he is back in daycare regularly. I don't get to nurse him during my work day anymore, and that's been an adjustment on both of our parts. I pump once at work, despite the fact that I don't nurse him during the day anymore, but I may have to bump it up to twice at work since I suspect my supply is not where it should be. We will see.

At the beginning of the week, leaving him at daycare is harder than at the end of the week, since he has to warm up to the idea that I leave him to go to work. Sometimes it upsets me, but I know he gets over it quickly most of the time and moves on to playing.

We've been battling tantrums as well, mostly surrounding the fact that I won't hold him and let him nurse 24/7. But sometimes, it's over silly things, like not letting him eat a whole box of cheerios. The ridiculous ones are hard not to laugh at, but I remind myself and my husband that those are his feelings we are laughing at, and we should respect how he is feeling, even if it is absurd.

We made the switch to cloth diapering after we went through all the boxes of free diapers that our friends gifted to us. So far, we love it, but we are only on day two. :)

Kaiden is still nursing like a champ. He'd nurse for 24 hours straight if I let him.

Well, here's the list!

New Things Kaiden Does

- says "Hi, Dada" or "Hi Doggie" or just "hi" ALL THE TIME.
- mimics the tones of multi-word phrases (example: Where are you? or I love you)
- figured out that waving is a way of expressing hello and bye bye (before, he'd just say the words)
- high fives
- points, but not at specific things he wants yet.
- plays in his crib when he wakes up instead of crying.
- Cruises from one piece of furniture to the next, but doesn't cruise along a piece of furniture
- Crawls everywhere and anywhere
- Starting to climb
- Can locate things with his eyes when you ask him (example: Where is your turtle? Where is daddy?)
- absolutely loves his blankey and will be silly in love with it when you give it to him

Throwing a fit -- like Kaidens do.