Monday, March 9, 2015

17 Months Old and Changes

My little guy is 17 months old now. What a big man!

Kaiden loves climbing. He is starting to explore his boundaries with climbing, which means there has been lots of incidents of falling too. I don't get too concerned, since that is how toddlers have to learn, but my husband tends to be a little more protective when it comes to Kaiden's explorations.

We've been working a lot on Kaiden's speech, since he still likes to mimic sounds of words (like the sing-song quality of words) instead of the actual letter sounds. He uses a "D" sound for almost everything, even if he knows how to make other letter sounds. I'm not too concerned about this yet, but it does get to be frustrating since there are a lot of breakdowns over communication. He also likes to pick and choose when he wants to use his signs, and that gets frustrating too.

My baby has completely weaned. Unfortunately, with the extended bleeding mentioned in the previous post, my supply changed too much for his liking. This was pretty heartbreaking for me, and I took it pretty hard, mostly because I was mad at my body for ruining this relationship. But, Kaiden compensates in other ways.

For example, he loves to pull on my shirt until I lift it up and he can rest his head against my boobs and snuggle. He puts his thumb in his mouth and lays his hand against his boobie and listens to me breathe. There are times he will remember, "Oh, these are for milkies!" and he will try to nurse again, but he suckles for a few seconds, tastes the milk, and then pulls off right away. To be honest, I'm surprised that there is still milk there after a week of no nursing at all.

There's is the possibility that he will pick it back up again, but I'm not holding my breath or getting my hopes up. I'm happy with our snuggle time, and I am glad it serves the same purpose of keeping close to mommy.

I just love this little boy.